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If the eyes itch and water, the nose runs constantly or the lungs whistle, then the suspicion is obvious that it is an allergic reaction, which occurs in spring/summer (during the pollen season) or in autumn/winter (house dust mites).

An allergy is a hypersensitivity to normally harmless substances in the environment (allergens) to which the immune system reacts with a disproportionately strong defensive response (allergic reactions).

At the MEDIZINICUM Hamburg, allergists, nutritionists and an interdisciplinary team of specialists from 30 disciplines are available to identify allergic diseases in relation to the whole body and to design an interdisciplinary treatment concept for you.

Such complaints may include skin symptoms such as a vesicular rash (urticaria), diarrhea due to food allergies or general poor performance. Since a constant allergic immune reaction weakens the body. Cross allergies are treacherous. This means that a known pollen allergy can also be accompanied by food allergy and intolerance.

For the evaluation of an allergic event we have numerous diagnostics ready for you. For instance:

Allergological skin tests. In our in-house allergy laboratory in Hamburg we determine classic allergological parameters for your personal RAST allergy profile in order to detect interdisciplinary allergies such as pollen or food allergies.

In lung function testing (body plethysmography) and metacholine provocation examinations, fine inflammations or hypersensitivities of the bronchial system can be analysed and airway obstructions discovered. In this context, the measurement of exhaled nitric oxide (NO) is available as a measure of respiratory inflammation. A nasal flow measurement enables us to determine restricted nasal breathing whose cause, e.g. nasal polyps, can be discovered and treated by computer tomography of the paranasal sinuses.

In addition, in case of shortness of breath in stressful situations, spiroergometry with measurement of respiration and cardiovascular parameters can determine whether the lungs, heart or muscles are responsible for these complaints.

Our areas of focus

Creation of an individual allergological profile

  • Bronchial asthma and exercise-induced asthma
  • Allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis due to animal epithelia, pollen, house dust mites, moulds, insect venoms, food, helmitides, drugs
  • Acute or chronic sinusitis
  • IgE mediated anaphylaxis type I
  • Primary food allergy and secondary food allergy Cross-reactivity to food pollen-associated
  • Gastroenterological: food allergies, malabsorption and irritable bowel syndromes, bacterial overgrowth, intolerances, disturbance of intestinal motility and flora under bacterial overgrowth, or a blockade of gastric acid secretion.
  • Rheumatological: angioedema immune complex vasculitis
  • Advice on allergy prevention measures
  • Advice and implementation of drug therapy and specific immunotherapy
  • Dietary advice based on the allergy profile
  • Advice on and implementation of hyposensitizations
Allergology MEDIZINICUM Diagnostics
Allergy Diagnostics Allergology

Our allergology diagnostics

  • Allergic skin testing
  • Measurement of specific immunoglobulin E (IgE) and specific rest allergy profile Pollen and food associated
  • Rhinomanometry
  • Bodyplethysmography, metacholine provocation test, nitric oxide measurement, pulmonary gas exchange by means of diffusion capacity
  • Spiroergometry with simultaneous determination of respiratory mechanics, pulmonary hyperinflation, cardiovascular function and muscle parameters
  • CT diagnostics of the thorax and paranasal sinuses

Pulmonary hypertension consultation

Pulmonary hypertension is a disease with two faces. A patient can often remain unnoticed for a long time, often for years, stable - or within a short time can be threatened by a right heart failure life-threateningly.

In order to better recognise pulmonary hypertension, we have set up a specialised consultation hour for pulmonary arterial hypertension only together with our cardiological and pneumological colleagues.

The goal: optimal, interdisciplinary diagnostics and treatment.


Our attending physicians at Stephansplatz (private patients & self-pay patients)

Prof. Dr. Magnussen Hamburg Lung Specialist

Prof. Dr. med. Helgo Magnussen
Specialist in internal medicine, pneumology (lung medicine), sleep medicine

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Dr Rozeh Hamburg Pneumology

Christiane Rozeh, MD
Specialist in Internal Medicine,
Pneumology, Allergology

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Dr. Machnick-Meyer Pulmonary Physician Hamburg

Dr. med. Maike A. Machnick-Meyer
Fachärztin für Innere Medizin,
Pneumologie und Allergologie

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Dr. Jafari Pulmonary Physician Hamburg

Claudia Jafari, MD
Specialist in Internal Medicine,

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Tibor Schmoller, MD
Specialist in Internal Medicine,
Pneumology, Allergology

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Our treating allergists in Eidelstedt (all health insurance companies)

Dr. Oertel Internist Hamburg

Dr. med. Ralf Oertel
Specialist in Internal Medicine,

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Dr. Silke Augener Internist & Pneumologist Hamburg

Dr. med. Silke Augener
Specialist in Internal Medicine,

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