Specialist in Internal Medicine & Haemostaseology Hamburg

Dr med. Barbara Eifrig

Specialist in internal medicine, haemostaseology

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1971-1976Study of human medicine
1976Obtaining the license to practise medicine
1976-1982Specialist training / Assistant physician
1982Recognition as Doctor of Internal Medicine
1982-1986Resident physician
1987Research associate in the Department of Blood Coagulation Disorders at the UKE Surgical Clinic
09/1989Award of the Doctor of Medicine based on the dissertation "Comparative Coagulation Analytical Investigations on the Question of Thrombophilia in a Defined Patient Collective of Traumatology", magna cum laude awarded.
05/1996Deputy Head of Coagulation Laboratory of General Surgery, UKE
07/1999Senior Physician - Head of the Coagulation Outpatient Clinic / Centre for Internal Medicine/Medical Clinic II / Oncology and Hematology at the UKE
09/ 2001Founding member of the Federal Association of German Haemostaseologists e.V. (BDDH)
09/2001 – 10/2013Member of the Medical Advisory Board of the German Hemophilia Society e. V. (DHG) - 2010 to 2013 Deputy Chairwoman
11/2005Additional qualification in haemostaseology with authorisation for further training by the Hamburg Medical Association
Since 10/2011Consultant of GLP medical GmbH with the subsidiary laboratories, Labor Dr. von Froreich - Bioscientia GmbH, Großmoorbogen25, 21079 Hamburg, Medizinisches Labor HamburgStephansplatz 3, 20354 Hamburg and LaborLademannbogen MVZ GmbH, Lademannbogen 61, 22339Hamburg for haemostaseological problems and therapy decisions both in special specialist topics and projects as well as in the optimisation of task processes.
Since 10/2014Physician in the MEDIZINICUM for the Speciality haemostaseology
Running.Participation in scientific studies, congresses, training events, symposia and lectures

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Radiology Stephansplatz Othmarschen Nienstedten Eidelstedt Niendorf New rampart Bergedorf
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