Dr. med. Gerald Müller Specialist in General Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture Hamburg

Dr. med. Gerald Müller

Specialist for general medicine, naturopathic treatment, acupuncture

Further information about Dr. med.

1981 – 1983Regular soldier as Marine Paramedic
1983 - 1988Medical studies at the University of Hamburg and the University of California, San Diego and Los Angeles
1988Doctor in practical training in anaesthesia and intensive medicine in Hamburg (Klinik Dr. Guth)
1988 - 1990Doctor in practical training in surgery in Hamburg (AK Barmbek)
1990 - 1992Residency in internal medicine, Cardiology, Pulmonology in Hamburg (AK Altona)
1992 - 1993Practice assistance in general medicine and orthopaedics
since 1993Established in own practice as general practitioner with focus on Naturopathic treatment and Pain therapyprivate practice since 2008
  • general practitioner
  • Additional title naturopathic treatment
  • Additional title Acupuncture
  • Certificate Neural Therapy of the Int. Med. Ges. f. Neural therapy according to Huneke - Regulationsmedizin e.V.
  • Certificate "Medical and Psychotherapeutic Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy" of the Institute for Autosystem Hypnosis, Mainz, Germany
  • Certificate "Men's Doctor" of the CMI Institute
  • German Medical Association for Acupuncture e.V. (DÄGfA)
  • Int. medical society for neural therapy according to Huneke, regulation therapy eV. (IGNH)
  • German society for car system hypnosis e.V.
  • KMT Medical Society for Clinical Metal Toxicology e.V.
  • General practitioner care
  • stress medicine
  • Male physician (Institute CMI)
  • Integrative pain therapy
  • Naturopathy: Neural therapy (TLA, therapeutic local anaesthesia)
  • Acupuncture

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