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Nutritional medicine & nutritional counselling

Healthy nutrition and enjoyment, is that possible? Many patients ask themselves this question at the latest when wrong eating and drinking behaviour has led to physical problems. Eating keeps body and soul together", because a healthy, balanced diet is the basis to keep our body fit and efficient.

The way to YOUR nutrition is not always easy to find without specialists, too big are the uncertainties due to advertising influences, nutrition myths, the unmanageable variety of foods and their contents as well as industrial production.

We at MEDIZINICUM help you to put together a diet tailored to your needs. Let our experienced doctors and nutrition experts give you individual and qualified advice. 

To the start ...

... a comprehensive analysis of your current state of health and your eating and nutrition habits will be prepared. Because every person is (s)t different. We work closely with all departments in our clinic to diagnose possible intolerances and allergies and you receive a well-founded nutrition (and fitness) plan from our ecotrophologist. If you want to reduce your weight and get rid of your beloved eating habits, together we can achieve your goal of a better body feeling. In order to monitor success, we recommend that you schedule further consultation appointments. Your new diet will be strengthened, open wishes and questions will be considered.

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Our team, consisting of nutritional doctors and advisors, is strengthened by Dr. Jörn Klasen. He is also known for the television programme "Die Ernährungs-Docs" (The Nutrition Docs), which he co-created. You can read more information about the nutrition docs under this link.

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Disease patterns

Our nutritional counselling makes sense as an adjunct to therapy for a wide variety of illnesses. Here are a few examples:

  • Preventive nutrition check-up
  • Overweight
  • Food intolerances
  • Functional gastrointestinal disorders
  • Fatty liver
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Lipometabolic disorders
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Allergies
  • High blood pressure
  • Cancers

Our Diagnostics

  • Comprehensive anamnesis of eating and nutritional behaviour
  • Acquisition of the general condition
  • Evaluation of a nutrition or symptom protocol
  • Detailed recording of body composition by means of
    bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA measurement)
  • individual dietary recommendations
  • Tips and tricks for implementation in everyday life
  • problem-solving strategies
  • motivational strategies
  • Strategies for sustainable success
  • Application for reimbursement of costs to your private health insurance
    (reimbursement of costs is possible upon application)
  • Close cooperation with all departments
    of the Stephansplatz Clinic
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Our attending doctors at Stephansplatz

Stephanie Thiel, MD
Specialist in general medicine,
Functional gastroenterology, acupuncture

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Dr. Wüsthof Specialist Haematology Hamburg

Mirjam Wüsthoff, MD
Specialist in internal medicine, haematology, oncology, complementary medicine, nutritional medicine, naturopathic treatment

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Sobottka Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach Hamburg

Karsten Sobottka
Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

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MEDIZINICUM Nutrition Counselling Fuhrbach-Sabine

Sabine Fuhrbach
Personal Trainer

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Dr Neumann-Schniedewind Internist & Cardiologist Hamburg

P. Neumann-Schniedewind, MD
Specialist in Internal Medicine,
Cardiology, Nutritional Medicine

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Amely Brückner, Oecotrophologist & Nutrition Therapist Hamburg

Amely Brückner
Dipl. Oecotrophologist, Nutrition Therapist and Consultant

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Our attending physician in Othmarschen

Dr Klasen Specialist in Internal Medicine, Anthroposophical Medicine, Naturopathy, Dipl. Heilpädagoge in Hamburg

Dr. med. Jörn Klasen
Specialist in internal medicine, anthroposophic medicine,
Naturopathic treatment, qualified curative teacher

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