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Vascular outpatient clinic

However, a single physician is hardly in a position to competently assess the vascular system with all its effects on the various organs. It is desirable that several experts from different areas of expertise are available to discuss the findings and give joint therapeutic advice:

This is certainly the best solution for affected patients! At the Stephansplatz Hospital in Hamburg, such experts are available to advise their patients jointly on vascular medicine, vascular prevention, diagnostics and therapy.

In our MEDIZINICUM Hamburg, specialists work in the vascular outpatient clinic (angiology). Our team of 50 experienced doctors from 25 disciplines work together in an interdisciplinary manner to take a holistic view of your symptoms and make a targeted diagnosis.

Vascular prevention:
Diagnostics and consequences

Vascular prevention is a relevant topic for doctors and patients interested in prevention. However, it is not only important to determine a vascular risk. It is particularly important to advise patients after recognition of a vascular finding in such a way that they do not run a higher risk from its treatment than from the disease. For patients with incipient or advanced arteriosclerosis, consultation requires precise knowledge of the guidelines and a great deal of experience.

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Diagnostics of chronic coronary heart disease

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is the most common cardiological disease. Our focus is on the detection, treatment and aftercare of angina pectoris, heart attacks and infarct-related myocardial insufficiency as well as advice on sensible preventive measures (prevention) by controlling the risk factors of arteriosclerosis, especially in the case of high hereditary risk.

Special expertise: lipid outpatient clinic, vascular diagnostics on the question of stroke risk.

Diagnosis of inflammatory vascular diseases

Various rheumatic diseases can affect the vessels and cause dangerous constrictions due to inflammation of the vessel wall. Particularly feared is giant cell arteritis, which begins with headache and can lead to blindness or stroke. Vascular ultrasound is the method of first choice for diagnostics, provided that experienced examiners are available - as in the Stephansplatz Clinic. In the past, the diagnosis could only be made after microscopic examination of a surgically removed section of artery; this is rarely necessary today. Arteries in the head can also be affected by inflammation: Neurologists and rheumatologists then jointly determine the therapy and observe the course of the disease with vascular ultrasound.

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Our therapy for vasoconstriction

Vascular constrictions (stenoses) can be dangerous: Localization of the cervical and cerebral arteries can result in a stroke. However, treatment by surgery or catheter with stent is not completely risk-free either. That is why every patient in our practice in Hamburg has to find the way with the lowest risk: As long as the ultrasound findings show only a low risk of stroke, the treatment of the constriction should be carried out alone with medication without intervention. The Klinikum Stephansplatz has experts with special experience in the diagnosis and drug therapy of vascular constrictions. The joint advice of the experts is particularly important if the vessels in the heart and brain are affected at the same time.

Our attending physicians

Dr. med. K. Ahmadi-Simab
Medical Director
Specialist in Internal Medicine, Rheumatology,
Clinical Immunology, Gastroenetreology

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Dr. von Elling, Specialist in Internal Medicine, Rheumatology, Nephrology

Dr. med. A. von Elling
Senior physician
Specialist in internal medicine,
Rheumatology, nephrology

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Specialist in internal medicine and rheumatology Hamburg, Dr. Ebel

Dr. med. Joachim Ebel
Specialist in Internal Medicine
and Rheumatology

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Dr. Kern MEDIZINICUM Hamburg Rheumatologist

Dr. med. Margarete Kern
Senior physician
Specialist in internal medicine, rheumatology,
Clinical immunology

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