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Coagulation Outpatient Clinic

Coagulation consultation hour - interdisciplinary haemostaseological consultation

Dr Barbara Eifrig, former head physician of the coagulation outpatient clinic at the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf, is a proven expert and clinically very experienced haemostaseologist, working as a consultant physician in the assessment and commentary of complex result constellations in the field of haemostaseology, thus expanding our competence in the holistic treatment of our patients.

At our MEDIZINICUM Hamburg, specialists work in the coagulation outpatient clinic. Our team, consisting of 50 experienced doctors from 25 disciplines, works together in an interdisciplinary manner in order to take a holistic view of your symptoms and to be able to make a targeted diagnosis.

Disturbances of the coagulation system

As an interdisciplinary subject between laboratory and clinic, this special field is focused on the diagnosis and treatment of bleeding problems and thromboembolic diseases. Blood clotting starts as soon as we cut or hurt ourselves. Then numerous coagulation factors dissolved in the blood react with each other and stop the bleeding. This cascade is so delicate and subject to so many influencing factors that a separate specialty has been established for the evaluation of disturbances in the coagulation system, the so-called hemostaseology. Possible malfunctions of the blood coagulation can lead both to an increased bleeding tendency and to excessive coagulation.

The consequences can be either bleeding that is difficult to stop or thromboses and pulmonary embolisms. The impairments can be acquired, i.e. they can only occur as an accompanying phenomenon of other diseases, or they can also be congenital through hereditary, i.e. genetic changes.

Diagnostics & therapy for coagulation disorders

  • Familial tendency to thrombosis
  • Condition after deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism
  • High-risk pregnancy with a tendency to abortion and thrombosis
  • Hormone therapy and hypercoagulability - risk stratification
  • Preparation of perioperative therapy recommendations for OAK patients ("bridging")
  • Conversion from vitamin K antagonists to direct oral anticoagulants (DOAK)
  • Monitoring of anticoagulants after myocardial infarction and stroke
  • Bleeding tendency in the case of factor deficiency conditions (e.g. VIII, IX, VII + X, XIII, etc.) as well as von Willebrand syndrome and thrombocyte dysfunction.
  • Creation of emergency cards for patients with therapy recommendations for acute situations
Coagulation Ambulance MEDIZINICUM-Hamburg

Our coagulation specialist has decades of expertise in this field.

It refers to the latest scientific guidelines and findings. As a rule, it is based on comprehensive laboratory chemical serological analyses of the coagulation values within the framework of so-called thrombophilia diagnostics. On this basis and after a comprehensive anamnesis, it can also be decided, for example, whether a previous medication that has been taken for a long time can possibly be terminated again.

If a blood coagulation disorder is known, many detailed questions can arise, e.g. in the context of pregnancies or before operations, here too we can offer you competent assistance. As a rule, interdisciplinary assessments are also necessary; an example of this is the antiphospholipid syndrome in the context of rheumatic diseases may be mentioned. If the aforementioned diagnostics do not provide the explanation for a coagulation disorder, MEDIZINICUM Hamburg offers comprehensive resources to uncover possible causes in the context of diseases of internal organs within the framework of an organ check.

Our attending physician

Specialist in Internal Medicine & Haemostaseology Hamburg

Dr. med. Barabara Eifrig
Specialist in Internal Medicine,

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