Information on COVID-19 vaccination

First of all, our heartfelt request to you:

Please refrain from telephone enquiries about vaccination!

We cannot provide personal advice on your questions about vaccination over the phone, the capacities must be kept free for medically important communication with our patients. Our staff are therefore instructed to refer you to our website for general information or to offer you an appointment with your doctor.

Which requests are currently not possible?

We have an explicit mandate to schedule our patients for vaccination according to medical necessity.

Please refrain from making vaccination enquiries if you are not a patient in the MEDIZINICUM - we cannot answer these enquiries.

In principle, we cannot accept requests for second vaccination appointments after first vaccinations in another practice or in a vaccination centre.

Which requests are currently possible?

If you are a patient at the MEDIZINICUM, you can now register for vaccination with the Vaxzevria vaccine from AstraZeneca .

We consider you according to medical priority and waiting list. The vaccine is now released for all those over 18 years of age who wish to be vaccinated, regardless of medical priority, and will be vaccinated according to medical criteria, taking into account the recommendations of the Standing Commission on Vaccination (STIKO). If you are significantly under 60 years of age and have questions about this, we recommend that you have a detailed explanatory discussion with your attending doctor in advance.

If the vaccination is not possible during the consultation, you will receive a prompt vaccination appointment according to our capacities.

Please send your request/registration to:

If you are are a patient of the MEDIZINICUM and are being treated for serious illnesses and have not yet been vaccinated, please also contact us by e-mail.

This includes all diseases that are associated with a significantly increased risk of a severe course of COVID-19 infection (e.g. lung disease, obesity, heart disease, renal insufficiency) - corresponding to priority group 2.

If at all possible, please present yourself to your attending doctor for a pre-vaccination consultation. We will make every effort to organise a vaccination appointment for you quickly according to medical necessity and availability.

Please send your request to

Please note the following:

We still have many patients in priority groups 2 and 3 who have not yet been vaccinated.

We try to give these patients priority in the vaccination order.

We vaccinate those over 60 years of age with vector vaccines, such as Vaxzevria from AstraZeneca, in accordance with the recommendations of the STIKO, with the advantage of relatively rapid availability.

The mRNA vaccine Comirnaty from Biontech is needed for our still unvaccinated patients well under 60 years of age and is currently in short supply again. We are only informed about ordering and delivery possibilities at very short notice.

Vaccine selection is based on age, medical urgency and current availability and is subject to our planning. We have referred above to the current release of Vaxzevria by AstraZeneca for all persons > 18 years.

In order to ensure a fair distribution and order, the appointment for vaccination is made by our vaccination coordination. For this reason, it is not yet possible to make vaccination appointments via our appointment service or online.

Soon it will be possible to have the vaccinations carried out directly by the attending doctors in the consultation hours. Please discuss this directly in the consultation hours.

What about regular doctor's appointments?

If you are visiting us for the first time and are not primarily seeking vaccination advice, but rather diagnostics and therapy, please make an appointment according to your wishes. Everything else will then depend on medical conditions and availability.

We will inform you regularly here about further news.


Further information on our measures in the MEDIZINICUM regarding coronavirus/COVID-19 can be found at here.

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