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Integrative pain therapy

Pain is an accompanying phenomenon in the context of numerous diseases. Classically, pain is associated with injuries or degenerative changes.

These can include arthrosis in the context of orthopaedic diseases, and inflammatory processes in the context of rheumatic diseases can also cause joint pain or other organ pain. Inflammatory or functional gastrointestinal diseases also cause pain.

In our MEDIZINICUM Hamburg, specialists work in the department of Integrative Pain Therapy. We work together in our team, consisting of 50 experienced doctors from 25 disciplines, in an interdisciplinary way to look at your symptoms holistically and to be able to make a targeted pain diagnosis.

Medicinal pain therapy

When pain has lost its warning function and becomes chronic, nerve cells change; they "run hot" and continue to send pain impulses even if there is no longer a cause for the pain. Besides neural therapy and acupuncture, the use of drugs up to morphine is also helpful to make the nerve cells forget the pain again.

regulatory diagnostics

Interference fields in the sense of neural therapy are inflammation of the jaws, scars, toxins or hyperacidity of the metabolism. By eliminating these interference fields or causes for blocked self-healing forces, the foundation stone is laid for successful pain therapy.

Integrative pain therapy MEDIZINICUM Hamburg
Integrative pain therapy MEDIZINICUM-Hamburg

Neural Therapeutic Segment Treatment

Neural therapy is not only one of the best known naturopathic treatments, but also part of orthopaedic medicine and pain therapy under the name TLA (Therapeutic Local Anesthesia). Neural therapy has a similar holistic effect as traditional Chinese medicine, the most widely used neural therapy drug, procaine, but also has cancer-preventive effects on the genetic material.

In neural therapy, local anaesthetics (usually procaine) are injected into precisely defined areas of the body to activate natural self-healing processes.

Neural therapeutic interference field treatment

In 30 to 40% of chronic pain, interference fields play a role as "interference transmitters" that emit electrochemical interference impulses into the autonomic nervous system, like a mobile phone in a jet. Such interference fields can be diseased teeth, suppurated tonsils or old scars. The targeted injection of procaine and other local anaesthetics switches off the interfering transmitter - initially only briefly, but permanently after 10-12 treatments.
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procaine base infusions

Procaine base infusions combine the analgesic, muscle relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects of procaine with the deacidifying and purifying effects of base infusions. The procaine base infusions relieve pain at rest and stress in the case of wear-related and inflammatory rheumatic diseases of the musculoskeletal system as well as migraine. The infusions are administered slowly over a period of one hour into the vein. One treatment block consists of 10 infusions over 3-4 weeks.

Electrotherapy, TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)

The TENS applies weak electrical impulses via adhesive electrodes. These "overtake" the pain in the nervous system via fast-conducting nerve fibres and slam the door in his spinal cord in front of his nose (gate control theory). The TENS devices, the size of a match or cigarette pack, are used twice a day for 30 minutes.

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Dr. med. Gerald Müller
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