Shortness of breath is one of the most common symptoms in everyday medical life. Besides the heart, the lung is the central organ for the oxygen supply of the body and thus an important part of the medical examination if the symptom of shortness of breath is indicated.

Classical fields of activity for lung specialists include allergic bronchial asthma or the smoker's disease COPD. Especially in the case of these diseases, there have been major changes in therapy concepts in recent years, e.g. with regard to drug therapy approaches.

The MEDIZINICUM Hamburg employs renowned lung specialist colleagues who have accompanied numerous research projects in their professional lives and are always up to date with the latest scientific knowledge.

In addition, 60 experienced physicians from more than 30 specialties work together in an interdisciplinary manner in order to view your symptoms holistically and to be able to make a targeted diagnosis.

Common lung symptoms

More general symptoms such as chronic fatigue and tiredness can also have their origin in a disease of the respiratory tract. Often behind such symptoms is a so-called sleep apnea syndrome, which is associated with snoring and nocturnal breathing pauses, leading to a chronic oxygen deficiency. Our pneumology department in Hamburg has its own Center for Sleep Medicine affiliated clinic. There, our pulmonologists will provide you with measuring devices, which you can put on comfortably at home in your own bed, thus eliminating the need for a time-consuming presentation in a sleep laboratory.

Our lung diagnostics

  • Respiratory mechanics using spirometry and whole-body plethysmography
  • Pulmonary gas exchange using diffusion capacity
  • Sensitivity of the respiratory tract by methacholine provocation
  • Examination of the respiratory tract using sputum analysis and measurement of nitrogen monoxide in exhaled air
  • Respiratory dysregulation
  • nasal flow measurement
  • Spiro-ergometry with simultaneous determination of respiratory mechanics, pulmonary hyperinflation, cardiovascular function and muscle parameters
  • Allergy tests with bronchial provocations
  • Advice on and implementation of hyposensitizations
  • Sleep medicine diagnostics and therapy using outpatient polygraphy and polysomnography
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Focal points of our lung specialists

  • bronchial asthma and allergy diagnostics and therapy
  • Obstructive pulmonary and respiratory diseases
  • COPD
  • Emphysema
  • bronchiectasias
  • Sleep-related respiratory disorders
  • Lung scaffold diseases (Fibrosis, sarcoidosis)
  • Diagnostics of lung tumours
  • pulmonary hypertension
  • Internistic concomitant diseases in lung diseases

Lung function and allergy

The transitions to allergology are fluid, as allergies can impair lung function and cause shortness of breath. If you are diagnosed with allergies by us, we can offer an appropriate hyposensitization, i.e. a slowly increasing application of the appropriate allergen to induce a habituation process.

In the field of pneumological environment diagnostics we can fall back on the latest medical technology. We carry out laboratory tests, lung function tests using bodyplethsmography (including rhinomanometry), spiroergometry and radiological imaging, e.g. using CT thorax or CT of the paranasal sinuses with state-of-the-art CT equipment here at MEDIZINICUM.

The interdisciplinary exchange in lung diseases

Of course, there is a great deal of interdisciplinary exchange between the specialties. In this way, the various facets of a constellation of findings can be treated without gaps. Thus, for example, an airway distress diagnosis is unthinkable without complementary cardiological expertise an obesity-associated sleep apnea syndrome may require a qualified physician, or there may be pulmonary involvement in the lungs. nutritional medical advice or there is a lung involvement in the context of a rheumatic disease and requires interdisciplinary cooperation in pulmonary medicine.

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Our attending pulmonologists at Stephansplatz (private patients & self-pay patients)

Prof. Dr. Magnussen Hamburg Lung Specialist

Prof. Dr. med. Helgo Magnussen
Specialist in internal medicine, pneumology (lung medicine), sleep medicine

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Dr Rozeh Hamburg Pneumology

Christiane Rozeh, MD
Specialist in Internal Medicine,
Pneumology, Allergology

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Dr. Machnick-Meyer Pulmonary Physician Hamburg

Dr. med. Maike A. Machnick-Meyer
Fachärztin für Innere Medizin,
Pneumologie und Allergologie

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Dr. Jafari Pulmonary Physician Hamburg

Claudia Jafari, MD
Specialist in Internal Medicine,

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Tibor Schmoller, MD
Specialist in Internal Medicine,
Pneumology, Allergology

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Our treating pulmonary specialists in Eidelstedt (all health insurance companies)

Dr. Silke Augener Internist & Pneumologist Hamburg

Dr. med. Silke Augener
Specialist in Internal Medicine,

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