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Welcome to Radiology Stephansplatz Hamburg
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You as a patient are the focus of our attention. We bring medical competence and gentle state-of-the-art technology into harmony with personal and caring attention. It is particularly important to us that you feel that you are in good medical and human hands with us. Your advantages:

In the Radiologie Stephansplatz Hamburg, in the MVZ - Meine Ärzte, we make an important contribution to your health with our extensive and ultra-modern range of examination, early detection and treatment procedures (MRT, CT, digital X-ray). We offer you numerous gentle and reliable diagnostic and therapeutic methods. Here is an overview of your advantages:


Short-term dates


Modern, gentle technology


Directly in the heart of Hamburg

Our diagnostic procedures

Our radiology diagnostics


magnetic resonance imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), also known as nuclear spin tomography, is a radiation-free and therefore particularly gentle imaging diagnostic procedure. Magnetic fields and radio waves are used to image human organs and tissues in layers. With our MRT Ingenia 3.0 Tesla we offer an extremely accurate detailed representation.

Radiology MRT Hamburg
CT Radiology Hamburg


computer tomography

Computer tomography is a special form of X-ray examination. With our ultra-modern computer tomographs, we record the body regions to be examined completely painlessly and in layers in a high image sequence. Data reconstructions also allow body regions to be viewed from different angles. With our state-of-the-art iCT 256 lines we offer an extremely short examination time.

Digital X-ray

Reduced radiation dose through digital technology: In our practice, only digital X-ray systems are used that are much more sensitive to radiation than conventional X-ray systems. The radiation dose required for an X-ray examination is thus reduced by up to 90 percent compared to the past.

Radiology MEDIZINICUM Hamburg

Special examinations & early detection

Please click on the individual diagnostic topics to obtain further information.

We carry out all special radiological and early detection examinations using the latest equipment technology. You will be cared for by highly qualified specialists, who will tailor each individual examination section individually to your personal health risk and carry out a careful diagnostic assessment. We attach great importance to a detailed consultation in order to explain the individual examination results to you in detail and, if necessary, to give you expert recommendations for further steps.

Pain therapy

Radiology pain therapy MEDIZINICUM-Hamburg

Periradicular therapy (PRT) & facet infiltration

Wear and tear of the spine and above all damage to the intervertebral disc often result in severe pain and impaired movement. These can lead to considerable restrictions in daily life. Under computer tomographic control, we administer pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory drugs.

Our film animation on medical technology

The animation on the left explains the difference between MRT diagnostics and CT diagnostics.

Impressions of our High-Tec Radiology

Radiology Medical Technology Hamburg
MEDIZINICUM Medical Technology-6
MEDIZINICUM Medical Technology-5
MEDIZINICUM Medical Technology-12
Medical Circum-Radiology Technology-1
MEDIZINICUM Medical Technology-13
MEDIZINICUM Medical Technology-5
MEDIZINICUM Medical Technology-4

Our radiologist team

MEDIZINICUM Dr Sasani Radiologist

Ahmad Sasani-Nejad, MD
Medical Director of Radiology, Specialist in Radiology

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Specialist X-ray Hamburg

Dr Ali-Reza Askarifar
Specialist in radiology

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