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In the 19th century, a centre for communication was established where today's most modern medicine is at home. Or, as they said back then, the mail. After the foundation of the empire, Heinrich von Stephan - who gave his name to Stephansplatz - was commissioned to create a united imperial post office. In Hamburg, his Reichspost was to be given a new, representative building as its home. For the Senate, a newly acquired area between Dammtor and Holstentor seemed ideal. In order to meet the requirements of the city for a design in villa style and the wishes of the Post Office for monumentality, the later cathedral architect Julius Raschdorf was commissioned with the construction. He created one of the largest and most magnificent postal buildings of the 19th century.

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This splendour can still be felt today. It gives the clinic Stephansplatz, an atmosphere that is far removed from what you would expect from a usually associates with a clinic. And in which you as a patient immediately feel at home

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