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Our patient magazine: Rheumavision

Understanding rheumatism - inflammatory-rheumatic systemic diseases

Rheumavision deals with the multitude of inflammatory rheumatic systemic diseases. Each issue takes a closer look at a specific rheumatic condition - rare forms of rheumatism also receive attention. Renowned Hamburg doctors from various fields have their say as authors of individual articles and in interviews. They describe causes and symptoms, explain risks and answer important questions about diagnosis and therapy options on the subject of rheumatism.

Experiences of those affected are included as well as self-help groups that introduce themselves and take a stand on various topics. Useful tips for everyday life as well as news, dates and interesting facts from research round off the magazine and make it an interesting source of information for sufferers, relatives and interested parties. The scientific editor of the quarterly magazine is Dr Keihan Ahmadi-Simab, Medical Director at the Stephansplatz Clinic in Hamburg.

02/2014 Rheumavision 1:

Scleroderma under control: detect early, treat correctly, avoid secondary damage

rheumatic vision2

06/2014 Rheumavision 2:

Arthrits: Inflammation in the joint

rheumatic vision3

Rheumavision 3:

Vasculitis: Burning in the bloodstream

rheumatic vision4

Rheumavision 4:

Morbes Bechertew
Keep your posture and stay mobile

rheumatic vision5

Rheumavision 5:

Rheumatism - risk for heart and vessels

rheumatic vision6

Rheumavision 6:

Rheumatism burdens - help for the psyche

rheumatic vision7

Rheumavision 7:

Sarcoidosis - Which organ is affected?

rheumatic vision8

Rheumavision 8:

Faults in the immune system
Causes from the perspective of holistic medicine


Rheumavision 9:
Rheumatism and osteoporosis
How strong are your bones?


Rheumavision 10:
Arthritis - Inflammation in the joint

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Rheumavision 11:

Systemic lupus - The many faces of butterfly lupus

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Rheumavision 12:

Chronically inflamed: The intestinal diseases Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis


Rheumavision 16:

Rheumatism and kidney: diagnosis and therapy


Rheumavision 17:

Active with rheumatism? Exercise is good for you.


Rheumavision 18:

Targeted treatment: pain in rheumatism


Rheumavision 19:

Depression: Help for the psyche

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