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Pain in the locomotor system affects many people. Back pain plays a particularly important role here, with the cervical and lumbar spine being particularly affected.

At the Rückenzentrum Stephansplatz Hamburg, we have set ourselves the goal of treating patients with spinal complaints in the best possible way. In the foreground of our therapy is a Pain reduction and an improvement in functionality as well as resilience. To achieve this, it is important to know the patient, their environment and their (work) stress in order to get an overall impression. Therefore, we take a lot of time for the initial examination.

At the MEDIZINICUM Hamburg, doctors from more than 25 different disciplines work closely together on an interdisciplinary basis. This concept (unique in Hamburg) enables us to gain a comprehensive impression of your clinical picture.

What can you expect at the
Entrance examination?

In addition to the detailed consultation, we carry out a comprehensive orthopaedic and manual-therapeutic aspects, we carry out a comprehensive initial examination. Should an extended diagnosis in the sense of imaging appear useful, we can carry this out promptly, often on the same day, in the MEDIZINICUM.

We will then be able to make a diagnosis and draw up a treatment plan. Therapy is always teamwork and you as a patient are the most important member of the team. However, productive cooperation is only possible if all those involved understand what is at stake.

Radiology MEDIZINICUM Hamburg

Radiological diagnostics for the back

At MEDIZINICUM Stephansplatz we are able to offer any radiological diagnostics: In addition to conventional digital X-rays, we can also perform slice images such as computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRT). Furthermore, there is of course also the possibility of an examination with ultrasound (sonography).

Orthopaedics Therapy options

The aim of therapy can be the prevention of complaints on the one hand and the reduction of pain on the other. In any case, an improvement of the functionality and thus a therapy/avoidance of muscular imbalances and the resulting strained or incorrect postures should be achieved. In addition to manual therapy techniques, interventional procedures are also used here, in which a local anaesthetic, if necessary in combination with cortisone, radiologically controlled (CT or sonography) is injected into the painful structures.

Dr. Kokenge Back Specialist Hamburg

Treatment of spinal nerve roots-Periradicular therapies (PRT)

Treatment of the small vertebral joints-Facet joint blocks

Spinal canal treatments-Epidural infiltrations

Infiltrations of the sacroiliac joint (ISG)

Treatment of the shoulder, hip and knee joint guaranteed independently


An innovative and highly effective therapy option

If the small vertebral joints are identified as the main cause of pain in the course of treatment, there is the possibility of a so-called thermodenervation of these joints. In this procedure, similar to the facet joint blockade, a thin hollow needle is brought under CT control to the small nerve branch that is responsible for the pain transmission from this joint. This can then be sclerosed with a thermal probe. This makes it possible to achieve a long-term reduction of back pain without surgical measures.

Surgical treatment for back problems

Although the non-surgical treatment of acute and chronic back pain is our main concern, the Stephansplatz Spine Centre still has many years of experience also in the field of surgical spinal therapy. Therefore we are able to provide you with optimal care even after such an operation. Due to this experience we are also able to recognize the right moment when a continuation of conservative (non-surgical) measures no longer makes sense. Through continued close cooperation with several spinal surgery centres in and around Hamburg, a presentation can be organised quickly and easily in one of these centres if necessary.

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Second opinion before the operation: You have already been advised to have an operation and you are unsure? We would be happy to advise you independently in terms of a second opinion.

Back problems doctor's surgery

Physiotherapy for back pain

Physiotherapeutic treatment is often useful, sometimes even mandatory. The latter is especially necessary if there are already fixed incorrect or protective postures. We work closely with a number of physiotherapy practices, from which we receive regular feedback regarding the progress of the therapy. In some of these facilities it is also possible to complete a Medical Training Therapy (MTT) in addition to the actual physiotherapeutic treatment. The aim of such a treatment is to maintain the results of the therapy and a general improvement of your physical performance and thus your health.

Neurological assessment for back problems

In individual cases it may be necessary to have alleged "nerve pain" or neurological symptoms assessed neurologically. If a reliable diagnosis cannot be made in the clinical examination and the associated imaging, the neurological examination is often a further element in the process of finding a diagnosis. For this purpose, the MEDIZINICUM has the appropriate medical specialists as well as the corresponding apparatus-based diagnostics (electrophysiology: EMG/ENG).

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Back Counselling Therapy

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Pain is a complex symptom and often cannot be attributed to a single cause. Long-term/chronic courses of back pain in particular have a considerable impact on mental health: the patient suffers, the patient's environment suffers, this often leads to tension in the patient's environment and often ends in isolation. A treatment of pain can only be successful if these components are also taken into account in the therapy plan. In addition to identifying pain-causing/pain-amplifying factors, special emphasis is placed on dealing with pain or developing a pain management plan.

Our attending doctors at the Rückenzentrum Stephansplatz

Dr Thomas-Kokenge Back Expert Hamburg

Dr. med. Thomas Kokenge
Specialist in orthopaedics
and trauma surgery, Head of the Back Centre

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Anke Tietz, MD
Specialist in Neurology

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