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Centre for Sleep Medicine

Like night, like day: the quality of your sleep has a considerable influence on your well-being during the day.

Do you feel tired despite sufficient sleep time? Is your performance increasingly limited? Does your partner complain about snoring noises? According to statistics, every third person snores and many people often stall their breath at night unnoticed.

Whether you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through the night, snoring or breathing pauses:
In our sleep laboratory at the MEDIZINICUM Hamburg, we will find out the cause.

The danger of breathing interruptions

Due to breathing pauses, your brain is temporarily insufficiently supplied with oxygen and the sleep phases are interrupted. The result: your body goes into a kind of permanent stress. A bad night's sleep is often followed by a bad morning. What many people don't know is that so-called sleep-related breathing disorders can increase night-time blood pressure, increase the risk of stroke and Heart attack increases, as does the risk of work and traffic accidents due to poor concentration and impaired memory.

Diagnose causes of scharch

Often, obesity is one of the main causes that trigger snoring and breathing problems. This is because fat deposits are not only stored in the abdomen but also in the throat area, where a nocturnal bottleneck of the airways can then occur. In the sleep laboratory at the MEDIZINICUM Hamburg, interdisciplinary specialists are available to treat obesity and metabolic dysfunctions, to work out movement and Nutritional concepts and thus reduce the risk of further complications. Metabolic dysfunctions reduce the risk of further diseases.

Sleep laboratory Hamburg

Es arbeiten 75 Ärzte aus über 30 Fachrichtungen in unserem Hause interdisziplinär zusammen, um den Grund Ihrer Schlafbeschwerden zu diagnostizieren. Wer beispielsweise nichts gegen Atemaussetzer und der damit verbundenen Schlafapnoe unternimmt, kann eine Verschlechterung seiner Stoffwechselfunktionen in allen Bereichen entwickeln. Unter Einsatz modernster technischer High-End-Geräte analysieren unsere qualifizierten Ärzteteams gemeinsam Ihre Probleme, erstellen eine umfassende Diagnose und entwickeln therapeutische Strategien, wie Sie wieder zu einem erholsamen und guten Schlaf kommen. Denn dieser ist ein essentieller Bestandteil unserer körperlichen und geistigen Gesundheit.

Causes of sleep problems

  • Weight gain
  • Narrow upper airways Nose, mouth and throat
  • Collapse of the respiratory tract in the area of the pharyngeal musculature with oxygen drops during sleep

The consequences

  • Daytime tiredness despite sufficient total sleep time
  • Morning sleepiness or unwanted falling asleep
  • Sleep-through disorder due to nocturnal awakening
  • High blood pressure with no night setback
  • Consequences for metabolic diseases with impaired drug response
  • Recurrence of cardiac arrhythmia, heart attack, cardiac insufficiency or stroke
  • Concentration disorder and lack of drive as well as tendency to fall asleep at the workplace and in road traffic
  • Depression or irritability
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Sleep Medicine Hamburg

Our diagnostics in the sleep laboratory

  • Detailed patient survey
  • Sleep diary record
  • Validated questionnaires
  • Measurement of biopotentials of the brain of the respiratory flow and the circulation during sleep and the body position at night at your home

These results will be analysed together with you and the further therapeutic measures will be discussed. So that we create an individual therapy that leads to the elimination of the sleep disorder.

Our therapy for sleep disorders

The therapy differs according to the severity of the nocturnal airway stenosis with oxygen depletion.
Mild to moderate findings can be treated by weight loss, dietary advice exercise concepts, sleep hygiene, psychological training in relaxation techniques for sleep training . If necessary, positioning therapy to avoid the supine position is recommended.

Dental prosthetic aids (mandibular protusion splint) can eliminate possible causes.
In the case of moderate to severe findings with daytime sleepiness and concomitant internal diseases, a nocturnal positive pressure therapy is usually carried out, in which the narrow airways are eliminated at night via continuous compressed air ventilation and thus a continuous oxygen supply leads to restful sleep, which positively influences additional disease or prevents its recurrence.

Our attending physicians at Stephansplatz (private patients & self-pay patients)

Prof. Dr. Magnussen Hamburg Lung Specialist

Prof. Dr. med. Helgo Magnussen
Specialist in internal medicine, pneumology (lung medicine), sleep medicine

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Dr Rozeh Hamburg Pneumology

Christiane Rozeh, MD
Specialist in Internal Medicine,
Pneumology, Allergology

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Dr. Machnick-Meyer Pulmonary Physician Hamburg

Dr. med. Maike A. Machnick-Meyer
Fachärztin für Innere Medizin,
Pneumologie und Allergologie

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Dr. Jafari Pulmonary Physician Hamburg

Claudia Jafari, MD
Specialist in Internal Medicine,

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Tibor Schmoller, MD
Specialist in Internal Medicine,
Pneumology, Allergology

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Our treating sleep physician in Eidelstedt (all health insurance companies)

Dr. Silke Augener Internist & Pneumologist Hamburg

Dr. med. Silke Augener
Specialist in Internal Medicine,

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