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Sexual Medicine

A healthy sex life increases well-being, self-confidence and satisfaction. However, sexual disorders are very common and have a negative impact on personality and partnership.

It takes some courage to address sexual problems at all. But even the conversation often has a liberating effect. In addition, many sexual medical problems can be treated very well today.

With our specialist Dr. med. Fahimi you can talk openly and confidentially about all questions and problems concerning sexuality. His sexual medical and psychosomatic consultation hours in Hamburg take place on Mondays and Fridays from 2 pm to 4 pm. In acute emergencies you will receive an appointment promptly.

Treatment focus on sexual therapy

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Penis diseases, such as penis deformities/ IPP
  • hormonal disorders
  • infertility
  • orgasm disorders
  • low sexual desire
  • sex addiction
  • painful intercourse
  • vaginismus
  • dysfunctions caused by cancer treatments
  • Sexuality and aging
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Due to the variety of possible causes of sexual disorders, we attach great importance to a comprehensive and accurate diagnosis. Here we work with a holistic understanding of health and illness according to the principles of the "Hannover Model".

As a rule, a preventive medical check-up is carried out before the sexual medical consultation and, in the case of men, the testosterone level is also determined. In this way we can look at all important findings in an individual overview and exclude organic causes of sexual dysfunction.

The focus of our inter-disorder sexual therapy is on couple dynamics. Here the individual basic needs, emotional experiences and interaction processes are discussed. The therapy leads to a liberating understanding of the causes of the problem. This makes it possible to have emotionally corrective experiences that improve sex life in the long term.

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Psychosomatic primary care

Physical complaints can have a psychological cause without this being obvious at first. The urogenital tract as an excretory, reproductive and pleasure organ is particularly susceptible to psychosomatic processes. Among other things, chronic Pain in the pelvic area, chronic prostatitis/urethritis.Irritable bladder or bladder emptying disorders can be the result of emotional stress. The psychosomatic aspect plays an important role, especially with the large clientele of uro-oncological patients. We take the time to recognise the corresponding correlations and to accompany our patients continuously.

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Dr. Dorothee Mahler Urologist in Hamburg

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