Together for better medicine

How would a clinic have to look like, where everything revolves around the patient and his or her health?

We have a clear answer: You need the best doctors and the best medical technology. And you need a new, smart way of working together - with each other instead of side by side. Interdisciplinary.

At the MEDIZINICUM - Hamburg's interdisciplinary clinic and practice group - experienced and renowned doctors from over 25 specialties therefore work closely together for you.
We thus ensure precise diagnostics and immediate, individualised therapy. But there is more to the well-being of the patient than just the best treatment. At the MEDIZINICUM, you can expect attentive staff and a relaxed atmosphere. In short: we want to treat you better in every respect. Medically and humanly.

Welcome to the MEDIZINICUM, MVZ - My Doctors in the heart of Hamburg, on the top floor of the Alte Oberpostdirektion. We look forward to seeing you.

Your team from MEDIZINICUM, MVZ - My doctors

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