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The urological specialty deals with diseases of the urinary tract in women and men as well as the male reproductive organs. Urologists also treat reproductive and sexual problems.

Am MEDIZINICUM Hamburg stehen Ihnen mit Frau Dr. Mahler, Herrn Dr. Fahimi, Herrn Aust sowie Herrn Fernández montags bis freitags ganztägig nach Vereinbarung vier Fachärzte mit herausragenden diagnostischen und therapeutischen Qualitäten in der Urologie zur Verfügung.

Mit der Einbindung unserer Urologen Frau Dr. Mahler, Herrn Dr. Fahimi, Herrn Aust sowie Herrn Fernández, ein exzellentes Team von Fachärzten des MEDIZINICUM Hamburg, wird eine ganzheitliche urologische Betreuung und einzigartige interdisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit geboten. Dabei wird das gesamte medizinische Spektrum, einschließlich ambulanter Operationen (Vasektomie, Circumcision etc.) und Blasenspiegelung (Zystoskopie) abgedeckt.

Im MEDIZINICUM Hamburg gehen wir individuell und mit viel Zeit auf Sie ein.
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Dr. Dorothee Mahler

Frau Dr. Mahler war 12 Jahre als Urologin im Westklinikum Hamburg tätig mit den Schwerpunkten Infektiologie, benigne Prostatahyperplasie, Steintherapie und rekonstruktive Urologie. 

Mit ihren Kompetenzen und Spezialisierungen in Sexualmedizin ist sie eine wichtige Bereicherung unseres urologischen Teams.

Dr Mustafa Fahimi

Dr Fahimi's career led via stations in Switzerland (Inselspital Bern) and in Germany under PD Dr Meyer-Moldenhauer to MEDIZINICUM, where he has been working since 2018 as a urologist and Sex therapist urologist.

Urologist in Hamburg
Urology Sexual Medicine Hamburg

Christian Aust

For 27 years Mr. Aust worked successfully as a resident urologist in Hamburg Eppendorf. By joining MEDIZINICUM at the beginning of 2019, he was able to significantly expand the urological capacity with his great expertise.

Range of services of our urology practice

This is mainly an early detection examination for prostate cancer. Any diseases of the kidneys, bladder, benign prostate and sexual organs can also be detected. After an extensive anamnestic discussion, we perform a physical and sonographic examination including the prostate as well as a blood and urine analysis. Of course, you can supplement the blood tests with the parameters you require. Further investigations may follow. Within this framework, we can also organise further investigations in other specialist areas. How to get a comprehensive health check

After an extensive anamnestic interview, a physical and sonographic examination is carried out. A urinalysis with microscopic and microbiological examinations is also on the programme. If necessary, a blood analysis is carried out. If necessary, further examinations will follow. In this context, we can also organise further examinations by other specialists in the MEDIZINICUM. In this way you get a Comprehensive health check.

We are responsible for all acute complaints of the kidneys, bladder and genitals (pain, increased urge to urinate, blood in the urine, genital swelling, discharge, genital skin changes, etc.). We will deal with your complaints as soon as possible. After an extensive anamnestic discussion, the symptom-related examinations and targeted treatments are carried out. Of course, the other specialist areas will also be consulted if necessary. An X-ray or MRT examination, if necessary, is carried out promptly at our premises.

After an extensive anamnestic discussion, possibly involving the partner, a physical and sonographic examination of the man as well as a blood and urine analysis is carried out. A spermiogram according to the requirements of the WHO can be arranged promptly in a nearby practice. If necessary, further necessary steps can be planned through our good networking. We are well versed in sperm extraction (TESE) from the testicles in cooperation with a reproductive practice.

The safest method of contraception on the male side is a vasectomy. It must be taken into account that the procedure is definitive and refertilization surgery is not always successful. A very large number of vasectomies in the last 30 years has led to a good expertise. The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia.

However, if desired, surgery is also possible under general anesthesia in an outpatient surgery center. However, please keep in mind that this procedure can never be free of complications and very rarely fails.

An enlarged prostate is not really a disease per se, but only becomes one when it causes discomfort. An increase in the size of the prostate is a normal aging process, just like baldness or gray hair. In many men, this does not happen. An enlarged prostate (benigenic prostatic hyperplasia) may or may not lead to bladder outlet obstruction due to narrowing of the urethra.

The symptoms are a reduced functional micturition volume with increased, sometimes sudden urge to urinate and possibly incomplete bladder emptying. After discussing your problems and the necessary examinations, we can draw up a treatment plan (Wait & See, medication or surgery). Of course, we also pay attention to any additional prostate carcinoma that may be present.

If detected in time, it can be cured in a large percentage of cases by surgery or radiation. However, since it is usually a slow-growing tumour, a large proportion of men do not benefit from curative therapy because their life expectancy is already limited by their advanced age or other diseases. In order to prevent the progression of the Prostate cancer in these cases, there are good treatments available. We provide comprehensive care by setting the necessary course, also in cooperation with renowned hospitals and doctors from other disciplines.

Blood in urine may or may not be an indication of a serious disease of the kidneys, ureters or bladder. We carry out a clarification through a microscopic and microbiological examination paired with an ultrasound examination and, if necessary, cystoscopy (bladder endoscopy) as well as other imaging procedures (X-ray or MRT) competently in our company. Any necessary in-patient treatments can then of course be organised by us.

Due to our many years of outpatient work, we have a great deal of experience in the diagnosis and treatment of these rather unpleasant illnesses, which can nevertheless be treated well. Our necessary sensitivity is appreciated by the patients.

With these often very stressful and daily life restricting complaints we know very well and can get to the bottom of the cause(s) in order to then carry out a goal-oriented treatment.

Our treating urologists and urologists

Dr. Dorothee Mahler Urologist in Hamburg

Dorothee Mahler, MD
Specialist in Urology

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Specialist for Urology Hamburg

Mustafa Fahimi, MD
Specialist in Urology

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Specialist urology

Christian Aust
Specialist in Urology

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Salvador Fernández De la Maza, MD
Specialist in Urology

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